In this blog post I am going to discuss professionalism and how I believe people should conduct themselves in a professional atmosphere. Although this post will discuss leadership as that is the essence of this blog, what I am going to discuss can be utilized by anyone in the corporate world, and in some cases in your personal life. My motivation for writing this blog post comes after watching a few episodes of the show Mad Men this weekend. The show, which takes place from the 60’s through the 70’s focuses on a fictional character called Don Draper who is an advertising executive in New York City. One of the things I noticed while watching that show is the level of professionalism characters in the office conduct themselves with. All of the employees in his agency except for a few in the art department come to work in a suit and tie, and show up to the office ready to work. In my opinion this is how a company should be run.

Unfortunately, lots of companies today share a different opinion, primarily tech companies. Take Google for example who allows their employees to where almost whatever they want to work and provides ping pong tables, and games for them to play when they need a break. I understand that they are trying to foster a fun work environment, but it is also extremely unprofessional in my opinion. I hope to one day be an employer and not an employee and that is far from the type of business I would operate. I believe your employees should come to work dressed professionally. AND TO WORK! They are not their to play games. My rationale for this is not that I am a prick and I do not want my employees to be happy, but rather that I want people who when they walk through the door at 8 am are their for one purpose….to work. Furthermore the reason I am against instituting a lenient dress code is I am a huge proponent of the idea that if you look good you feel good. I believe someone who comes to work in sweat pants because his “chill progressive corporate environment” allows him to do whatever makes him happy is less likely to be as productive as someone who is dressed in business attire.

Another thing that annoys me beyond reason is people who can not stay off their phones while at work. Oh whats that you need to make sure you are keeping up with all 15 of your social media accounts? NEWS FLASH! No one cares! put your phone away when your in the workplace! I remember I had a friend who graduated college this past December and I looked at his Snapchat story (Me having a snapchat does not make me a hypocrite because I know when and where to use it) during his first day of work, it was about five minutes of him taking videos/pictures while in meetings and seminars. I do not know how his new employer tolerated this, if I had seen him doing that I would have fired him right then and there sending a loud message to the rest of the new hires.

Another thing which bothers me and is something I personally struggle with, is learn how to write in a professional manner. My issues with writing are more related to grammar than anything else, and it is something I am constantly working on improving, but I have seen people in the professional world use text language in email correspondence. Your company email is no place to be dropping LOL’s and LMK.

This post was more a rant than anything else, as a millennial I must say my generation pisses me off when it comes to our lack of professionalism. Being the tech generation does not give us the right to abandon decency, and its not just in the professional world. Its the same thing in our personal lives. I noticed while watching Mad Men, how much better peoples manners were back in the 60’s and 70’s. Every time their is a dinner scene and a woman gets up you see all the men also stand up, or the fact that a man never leaves the elevator before a woman. I mean the amount of people I know in my generation who can not even hold a fork correctly is mind boggling. If you ever plan on being successful in the business world whether it be as a leader or a follower you need to have a basic understanding of etiquette and manners.

With all that being said I have attached some articles below that I think people, primarily of the millennial generation might find very enlightening.


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