True Leaders Initiate Change

A truly great leader is one who dares to change the status quo, like Mitch Daniels is at Purdue University where he has frozen tuition rates, cut costs and worked out a deal with Amazon to save students money on textbooks and other materials. For to long colleges and universities in the United States have been increasing tuition rates at a rate that far exceeded inflation. This has made college unaffordable to many people in America, and those who do find a way to finance their college education find themselves in huge amounts of debt by the time they graduate. Purdue’s President Mitch Daniels hopes to change this and set a new precedent in higher education that focuses on affordability.

This has garnered him high esteem not just in the Purdue community, where he is loved by students for what he has done to make college more affordable, but also across the country. Fortune Magazine listed him as one of the 50 most influential leaders in the world. When he took on the role of university president his main focus was making college more affordable to students at Purdue. Since then though he has tackled other education issues, most recently he spoke at a hearing on Capital Hill about potential initiatives that could be enacted to make college more affordable.

For far to long the rate at which tuition has increased has been absurd. Our countries solution to this issue was not to make college more affordable, but to make loans more accessible. This has worked to a certain degree, but created another problem, which is the absurd amount of money students are forced to pay in loans after college. It has made some experts question whether or not a college education is even worth the cost now a days.

Mitch Daniels was the first person in the academic community to stand up and say the system was broken. Furthermore he was the first person to take initiative and try to fix it. For doing so he deserves praise, and he has received it. Students at Purdue University admire him for the bold steps he has taken in making their college education more affordable, high school students more than ever want to come to Purdue, and politicians are so fond of what he is doing they are trying to get him to run for President.

How did he accomplish all this and gain such admiration? By changing the status quo, instead of just coming into Purdue and declaring a tuition increase every time the University wants to put up a new building, he found other alternatives to finance new projects. Hopefully more high ranking university officials will follow the lead of Mitch Daniels and take steps to lower tuition costs for their students



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