Stepping Up to the Challenge

One of the most important things for a leader of an organization is being able to recognize a problem. All to often when confronted with a problem people tend to shy away and hope someone else will come along and deal with it. A good leader however should never shy away from a problem but rather step up to the challenge and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. This is what leaders in the Arab world are doing as is made evident in The Wall Street Journal article Arab League Agrees to Create Joint Military Force.

For well over a decade now the Arab world has been plagued with religious extremism that has had a profound impact on the lives of millions of people. Since the tragic events of 9/11 the burden of combatting extremism has fallen almost entirely on the west, with America fighting the majority of the battle. Arab countries have lacked both the resources and the proper leadership to combat extremism in their region. That was until now, 22 Arab countries recently declared that they intend on creating a joint military force to combat extremism. This alliance will give the Middle East a much stronger chance of fighting the extremist epidemic that continues to ravage the region. By creating this joint military force these 22 countries will be able to combine their resources to fight extremism without aid from the west.

When looking at the situation in the Middle East it is important to give credit to the leaders of those 22 countries for finally stepping up and doing something to confront the problem of extremism in their region. Religious extremism is not new to this area and for years leaders in the Arab world have done little to combat it. These 22 leaders however are changing that and setting a new precedent that will rid the Middle East of extremism and western intervention, hopefully making the world a safer place.


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