Keep Your Problems to Yourself

Being in a fraternity has taught me a tremendous amount about leadership. That is why, although it may seem redundant, a lot of my blog posts revolve around my experiences in the house and the different leadership styles I witnessed. This blog post like the previous one will once again focus on the Presidents position in the house. Unlike the last one though which focused on the entire organization this will contain my opinion on how to deal with individual members of your organization.

One of the most frustrating things I experienced during my time in the house is when leaders would complain to me about someone disagreeing with them, or not feeling as if they are getting the credit they deserve. This was a very prominent issue with one of our more recent presidents. The reason this is such a big deal to me, is that I am a firm believer that a leader should be strong and set the example for other people in the house to follow. This particular leader was a somewhat good friend of mine and I found myself spending a lot of time with him during his presidency. At first we would talk about issues in the house and how he is resolving them, which I was perfectly fine with. It also helped me gain some respect for him as I could tell he truly cared and was getting things done. Where I began to lose respect for him was when his presidency started to get really difficult. Unfortunately for him he had to deal with a whole array of allegations from both our nationals and the university that was far more than most presidents have to deal with. This forced him to make some tough decisions. Decisions that not everyone in the house always agreed with. As you would expect in this situation people started to say things about him, and he eventually figured it out. This is where I began to lose respect for him. He would come into my room and complain about the people who were talking bad about him. He would not just justify why he was right and they were wrong but even go as far as to say ” God, I hate Jon Doe, he has no clue what he is talking about”. To me this was a huge sign that our president was weak, that he could not deal with pressure or disapproval, traits that a good leader has to posses.

This then went one step farther when he started going around telling people how much he has done, and how much he deserves recognition. Once again, something that shows weakness in my eyes, and even worse it shows he was self centered and was doing this for himself, not because he cared about the house. This downturn was really sad to see, when he started people had a lot of respect for him, and very high hopes that he could do a lot for the house. By the time he finished though, he had talked so much smack about other brothers, and made so many enemies that he was looked down upon by a large percentage of the chapter. I will always appreciate the hours of hard work he put in dealing with our alumni, the university, and nationals, but cannot say I consider him a leader.


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